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After the establishment of the Ministry of Health, Teaching, and Treatment, the Iran University School of Medicine was created in 1365 by the integration of two medical schools: the Ayatollah Taleghani Medical Center and the Iran Medical Center. Ayatollah Taleghani Medical Center was created on 28/12/1352 from the Batmanghelij Medical Teaching Center, a branch of the Red Crescent, and started to accept students from underdeveloped provinces in a non-centralized fashion in 1354. Iran Medical Center was established in Mordad 1353 and started functioning in Mehr 1354. This center began accepting medical students amongst BS graduates from 1356, and from 1361, it started to accept high school graduates who had passed the nationwide university entrance exam.
From the second half of the 71-72 academic year, the basic medical sciences section in the central Pardis Complex of the niversity was responsible for creating a program and teaching basic science courses at the university level.
As of 1393, there are 1,238 students learning general medical sciences in the medical school and affiliated hospitals. Of that number, 237 study basic sciences, 178 study physiopathology, 505 are completing externships, and 318 are completing internships.
In addition to general medicine, the School of Medicine has 81 Master’s students, 144 PhD students, 914 residents in 24 specialties, 68 residents in 18 subspecialties, and 103 fellows in 27 fellowship programs in affiliated hospitals.
439 professors teach clinical medicine, and 63 teach basic sciences, for a total of 502 faculty members.

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