Vision and Mission

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

We will create a university to match the grandeur of Iran.

In the IUMS School of Medicine, we believe that we can achieve our desired status through the cooperation of faculty members, students, and all other employees, school-based programs and activities, giving feedback, and continuous improvement of prospective programs.
The general orientation of the program is as follows:

  • Increase the money spent on research, patient care, and trained personnel as an investment for more nationwide resources in order to keep our present status as well as improve future patient care
  • Plan the establishment of clinical governance in all university affiliated training-treatment centers to improve and promote sustainable development in services, clinical quality, and the highest expectations of services to recipients
  • Strengthen and develop teaching governance in all groups and create a standard training environment that takes into consideration both the dynamic and creative ideas of human resources and principles of modern technology to provide up-to-date knowledge and a thriving learning environment
  • Reform public health with an emphasis on horizontal and vertical integration
  • Extend program evaluation with an emphasis on just evaluation of the teaching faculty
  • Direct the research activities to translational research and create necessary infrastructure to eliminate the gap between basic and clinical sciences, build multidisciplinary teams, and launch interdisciplinary and MD-PhD fields
  • Develop and strengthen culture, ethical spirit, and maintain norms and human values
  • Strengthen learners’ social and professional skills with an emphasis on respect for human dignity in their interactions with patients and colleagues
  • Promote international cooperation and communication and create necessary infrastructure in this area
  • An outline of each program is included in the respective page of each deputy.

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