Deputy of General Medical Education

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

Dr. Amir Ziaei

Title: Professor

Deputy explanation:

Basic medical training is the first step of studying medicine. According to the vision of general medicine, the purpose of this program is to train  professional, and self-confident physicians who are respectful to ethics and possess the scientific knowledge and capabilities required for their role as top-notch practitioners of the health care system.


Given the importance of general medical education, its role in the country’s health care system, and the need to create a platform for developing innovative medical education programs, this deputy intends to take a positive step by training qualified general medical practitioners.


This deputy has three subdivisions: testing, clinical skills, and management training departments.



  •  Monitor the implementation of educational programs and policies relating to medical education
  •  Monitor the performance of experts in the department of education
  • Interact with the basic and clinical sciences departments in order to advance the policies of the respective ministry and medical education council
  • Review and follow-up administrative and teaching affairs of medical students from enrollment to graduation
  •  Hold nationwide comprehensive and inter-university exams
  •  Provide appropriate physical training space according to standards
  • Equip and execute the clinical skills and informatics in related centers to conduct scientific tests