Deputy of Basic Science and Higher Education

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Samideh Khoei (PhD)

Specialty: Biophysics

Title: Professor



Deputy explanation:

This deputy is responsible for education programs for medical students and other educational and research courses for MSc and PhD programs. This deputy writes strategic policies consistent with the university goals and supervises their implementation for basic medical science development and the practical application of the research findings. This deputy, along with representatives of all the basic science education groups, plays a role in  coordination and promotion of education-research programs. In addition, the feedback from the groups’ activities makes this department more realistic and cooperation of the students more organized through student representatives from each discipline. Another duty of this deputy is to create an environment of healthy competition by respecting the position of professors and by motivating students. This department also promotes the ethical and respectful interaction between students and faculty.


Deputy subunits

•         Education

•         Research




Education Unit

Planning basic science programs for medical students

•         Preparing and reviewing basic sciences training program

•         Collaboration with the department of medical education for integration training


Graduate Education

•         Registration and course selection

•         Tasks related to graduate student affairs

•         Tasks related to the legal provisions for graduate students

•         Tasks related to alumni affairs

•         Holding comprehensive PhD exams

•         Tasks related to graduate students defending their theses

•         Monitoring the implementation of laws and regulations by the department of education

•         Management of specific areas (academic deadlines, leave, sabbatical)

•         Monitoring and reviewing existing programs and proposing new fields/specialties


Research Unit

Graduate Research


•         Delivery, management, evaluation, and registration of research proposals

•         Creating facilities for methodology, statistics, and writing Latin drafts of articles

•         Administration of funding proposals

•         Purchasing and upgrading quality materials and kits for research

•         Following the progress of the project and helping to resolve problems

•         Contributing to the dissemination of research results

•         Networking with other research centers

•         Holding“Research Day”and encouraging the collaboration of faculty and top students with the research deputy


•         Developing environmental protection regulations and monitoring their implementation at the Department of Basic Sciences

•         Holding environmental protection workshops and related tests for graduate students

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