Deputy of Specialty and Subspecialty Education

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Dr. Mahmoud Reza Alebouye

Specialty: Anesthesiology – Fellowship: Pain Medicine

Title: Associate Professor


Deputy explanation:

This deputy is responsible for  planning, monitoring, evaluation, and implementation of all the existing specialty, sub-specialty, and fellowship programs in accordance with the approved curriculum. It is also responsible for the proper implementation of all training guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the university. Likewise, the deputy is responsible for commissioning and developing new fields of specialty, subspecialty, and fellowship in the School of Medicine, which comply with the existing rules. This deputy is also responsible for activating the internal evaluation of educational programs, external evaluation of educational departments, and designating a management committee responsible for implementation of the results in the process of education as well as reinforcement of human values and professionalism. Likewise, the deputy is responsible for organizing the fellowship, annual, and pre-board examinations and collaborating with the corresponding ministry in conducting admission exams of specialty and subspecialty assistants, and monitoring periodical exams of the clinical departments.


This deputy consists of three subdivisions: Residency bureau, Program Evaluation bureau, and Exams bureau.



Residency bureau

  • Supervision and execution of all responsibilities pertaining to residency programs
  • Coordinating the administrative and educational issues of the residency programs with the deputy of education in hospitals, the   chairmen of the clinical educational departments, and the head of the hospital wards
  • Improve the livelihood and welfare of the residents through consultation with the medical school and the university authorities
  • Review and evaluate proposals and projects suggested by the Council for graduate medical education,  Education deputy of the University and President of the Faculty of Medicine
  • Participate in committees and advisory councils held by the Deputy of Education of the university and medical school
  • Author and revise internal regulations, directives, and guidelines


Program Evaluation bureau


  • Supervise the implementation of educational programs at the level of specialty, subspecialty, and fellowship
  • Supervise the development of new methods of evaluation and continuing evaluation in all specialty, subspecialty, and fellowship fields
  • Tutor and supervise the process of internal evaluation performed by specialty, subspecialty, and fellowship departments
  • Plan for feedback of the results of program evaluation and implementing them in the execution of the educational curriculums
  • Establishment of internal and external evaluation teams
  • Oversee and implement internal and external assessment system for inter-university programs and prepare for external assessment and accreditation process by the Ministry of Health
  • Establishment of a management committee to exclude the drawbacks and problems in educational programs detected through the process of internal and external evaluation
  • Renewal of the licenses
  • Periodical revision and update of the training programs


Exams bureau

  •  Establishment and management of the exam committees
  • Conduct the annual and pre-board exams for the residency programs and announcement of the results
  • Conduct the fellowship exams and announcement of  the results
  • Feedback of the exam results to educational departments and the university
  • Collaborate with the respective ministries in performing the entry exams for specialty and subspecialty residency programs
  • Supervise and periodical evaluation of the exams in all fields of specialty, subspecialty, and fellowship
  •  Handle the claims laid in relation to the exams


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