Deputy of Academic Affairs

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

Dr. Nahid Rahimzadeh

Title: Professor

Deputy explanation:

The mission of this deputy is to regulate all matters relating to the medical school in order to make full use of its potential and develop its capabilities to improve the quality and quantity of education and research which will help attain the objectives of the school and to realize the policies and programs of the university. The deputy slogan is protecting faculty positions and appreciating their professionalism.

The Deputy consists of two units: the upgrading and promotional unit and the administrative unit.


1. Administration and Recruitment:

  • Attract new faculty members
  • Modify employment status
  • Issue faculty responsibilities
  • Perform other administrative duties
  • Update faculty database

2. Upgrading and Promotional:

  • Perform faculty promotional process in the school’s promotional committee and forward the results to the audit committee 
  • Set up a quantitative evaluation system startup (Suad) and fix its faults as a way to express academic activities for annual promotion and feedback from faculty members

3. Evaluation:

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluations of educational and research faculty with available tools and continuous improvement of evaluation methods with collaboration from the university’s office of medical education development and the deputy for planning and developing medical education

4. Amenities:

  • Create recreational services and cultural facilities and inform faculty members of the availability of these services

5. Managers’ Affairs:

  • Interact with medical group managers to better organize matters inside and outside the group
  • Continuously monitor managerial activities
  • Develop and implement guidelines proposed by training managers in order to attract the maximum participation of faculty

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