Deputy of Research

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Dr. Mehrdad Eftekhar

Specialty: Psychiatry

Title: Associate Professor


Deputy explanation:


“Let’s make research easy.”

This department is responsible for the management and organization of faculty and students’ research and for determining research priorities that are in line with macro policies of the University, as well as the needs and motivations of the institution to take steps to promote medical research. This department also facilitates faculty member participation in presenting completed research in academic circles outside the country. Organizing and supervising student research committees and organizing and promoting the school of medicine library are among its other activities.


This department consists of the following subunits:

•         Scientometrics Unit

•         Theses Unit

•         Research Planning Unit

•         Library of Medicine



  •  Monitoring  all research activities of the school
  •  Establishing effective and dynamic communication with research assistants from the medical school groups
  •  Participating  in school administration, research councils of the school and university, faculty promotion committee, university publications committee, and graduate school council


Research Planning Unit

  • Optimize fellowship proposal registration process, approve proposals, submit to the university research committee, and advise professors in these areas
  • Identify and implement incentives for joint research projects in basic and clinical sciences
  • Collaborate with the EDO to empower professors to conduct research
  • Support the establishment of collaborative and interdisciplinary research groups


Theses Unit

•         Optimize the process of topic selection, internal evaluation, and record proposals from clinical students (specialty and subspecialty)

•         Collaborate with groups to promote the quality of the theses defense process

•         Develop and prepare theses flowchart

•         Increase conversion of theses to articles

•         Determine and implement incentives for collaborative theses between basic and clinical sciences


Scientometrics Unit

  • Set up a system of continuous evaluation of current research professors and medical school groups in collaboration with the university scientometrics unit
  • Provide feedback to professors and groups



•         Update medical school library books and periodicals

•         Facilitate professor access to resources with the collaboration of the central library of the university

•         Collaborate with the central library of the university in the collecting and indexing of medical graduate theses in different areas

•         Establish and manage the student reading room

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