Deputy of Management Development and Resource Planning

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Dr. Ali Neshasteriz

Specialty: Radiobiology

Title: Professor


Deputy explanation:

The Deputy of Management Development and Resource Planning is responsible for overseeing the implementation of all legal affairs and contracts, construction, facility, and service affairs, budget forecasts and estimates of necessary staff, establishing an appropriate administrative staff, and precise implementation of administrative and financial regulations of the university. This department consists of the administrative department and financial affairs department.



  • Establish necessary cooperation between subordinate units and improving the quality and quantity of personnel performance through systematic and rational management methods
  • Create a favorable work environment and employee amenities
  • Organize relevant activities, divide tasks, assign duties and responsibilities under the department supervision
  • Evaluate employees accurately, fairly, and in a timely fashion
  • Monitor staff attendance and handle necessary reports
  • Cooperate with authorities in school budget
  • Monitor and operate buildings in terms of water, electricity, telephone, and school facilities in collaboration with the central unit
  • Coordinate between the university staff and their main duties and responsibilities in order to achieve the goals as soon as possible
  • Monitor administrative, financial, service, and repair-related affairs of schools
  • Monitor and evaluate the real estate and cash balance of school and necessary requested reports about the yearly inventory
  • Participate in administrative and financial committees, conferences, commissions, and seminars as necessary
  • Forecast school budget and monitor costs in terms of administrative, technical, educational, and other requirements
  • Monitor the performance of the procurement department according to the guidelines issued by the university in compliance with the regulations
  • Monitor the implementation of all activities related to the receipt of school revenues
  • Monitor the establishment of security inside buildings and the university enclosure and provide appropriate solutions when necessary
  • Perform all financial and administrative activities of dean of faculty in his/her absence in accordance to the regulations
  • Collaborate with the dean to improve the performance of tasks related to the administrative units
  • Assist in school’s administrative goals, workflow, and procedures in different units
  • Coordinate the activities related to covered units and comment on solutions to problems
  • Monitor the performance of support tasks and the timely and accurate distribution of administrative, financial and service personnel between the different units of faculty according to the volume and size of other factors in their work
  • Monitor the recruitment and staffing needs of the school according to the rules and regulations
  • General administration of personnel and overall supervision of performance within the rules and regulations 
  • Establish a system of job classification and supervise its implementation
  • Manage staff amenity affairs and create necessary facilities

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