Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

Dr. Yasser Labbafinejad

Specialty: Occupationalist

Title: Associate Professor


Deputy explanation:

This department, in coordination with other cultural custodians, is responsible for evaluating and improving cultural conditions in the medical school and affiliated hospitals. This deputy is an original custodian in the preparation and development of cultural activities as well as the connector and examiner of student trade, recreation, and physical education requests. It provides a constructive and sincere cooperation with students who have selected IUMS as their institution of education.


The department consists of two sub-units: cultural affairs and student affairs.



  • Establish cultural council of the medical school, and plan cultural and student affairs with direct interaction and involvement from students
  • Manage student and cultural affairs in the school
  • Observe cultural situation in the medical school and make decisions about student and cultural issues and problems
  • Monitor and enforce student and cultural rules and regulations
  • Coordinate student extracurricular and cultural activities such as festivals and tours
  • Expand and deepen the Islamic and revolutionary values ​​in the school
  • Create coordination and participation among various student organizations including religious, cultural, and political groups through meetings and seminars
  • Establish a constructive and dynamic relationship with students and various student committees and other cultural and student institutions in the school
  • Create a stimulating environment for students through a variety of recreational, cultural, and sporting activities
  • Support various student and cultural programs
  • Attend cultural meetings, suggest programs, and follow up on problems and assigned duties

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