Shafa Yahyaian Hospital

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Shafa Yahyaeian  Hospital


Shafa Yahyaian Orthopedics Hospital was established in 1927 by the donation of Zivar Shafa Yahyaian to the Ministry of Health for extending the area around the hospital. With the establishment of the Rehabilitation Association in 1970, it became affiliated with the Ministry of Health from1978 to 1980 and the Welfare State Organization until 1984. Since 1985, it has been affiliated with IUMS. The hospital is centrally located in District 12, the oldest area of Tehran.

This Hospital is anacademicreferencehospital for specialty and sub-specialty levels in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation majors.It benefits from top doctors in medical society and advanced technologies. Through accreditation standards, it provides educational, research, and clinical services as well as trains assistant doctors and medical and allied medical students to improve the level of health of society.


Highlights :

-The first center to use Navigation System in Knee and Hip Surgery

-The first center to accept Knee Surgery Fellowship Course

- Establish of Microsurgery for animals

- Establishment of the first Research Center in the country


Departments :

Inpatient Department

Female: Male 1:2, Pediatrics and Neonatal, ICU


Related to Hospital


Tumor, Shoulder, Spine, Hand (Wrist, Elbow, Arms), Hip, Knee

Para Clinic

Laboratory, Pharmacy, Technical Orthopedics (Brace Workshop), Pathology, Echo, MRI, Radiology, Physiotherapy, CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine, BMD, Occupational Therapy, CSSD

Educational Departments

Hand Surgery, Tumor, Pelvic Surgery, Knee Surgery, Spine Surgery, Shoulder Surgery


Number of Staff

Faculty Members


Expert Staff




Nursing Staff


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