Shahid Hasheminejad Hospital

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Shahid Hashemi Nejad Urology Hospital


Hashemi Nejad Urology Hospital is Iran’s first and foremost referral center for diseases of the kidney and urinary tract (urology,nephrology,dialysis, and kidney transplantation). Affiliated with Iran University of Medical Sciences, the hospital has actively trained close to a quarter of all registered urologists practicing in this country.

In 1984, the Hospital recorded a number of important milestonesin cluding setting up the first routine program for renal transplantation and establishing the first and largest hemodialysis center in Iran.Presently, this Hospital has two branches (Moheb and Daryani) and is one of only two officially approved centers for training fellows in Endourology and Uro-laparoscopy. As a testament to the latter, the Hospital’s alumni have ranked among the top three highest scores on the national urology and nephrology board examson 19 instances to date.



- Achieved the National Productivity and Excellence Award (2010)

- Achieved the American Urological Association prize (2004)

- Utilization EFQM, BSC, HMRC systems and PPP models



Special and Subspecialty Clinic

Urology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Surgery, Dynamic Board, Hemodialysis, Diet, Ophthalmology

Arman Department

Angiography, Angioplasty, Pace maker, ICD

Sorosh Department

TUL, PCNL, Laparoscopy, Transplant

Operating Room

Urology, Cardiovascular, Kidney Transplant, Surgery, Laparoscopy, Transplant


Nephrology, Urology, CPR, ICU, EHG, Operation room

Sina (Child Urology)

Urology Surgery (from birth to 15 years) equipped with play equipment (such as multimedia, books, etc.)

Omid (male Urology)

Kidney and Urinary Tract Surgery


Kidney, Dialysis, CRF

Dr. Rasoli (male Nephrology)

Nephrology, Nephrotic Syndrome, Kidney Biopsy, Improvised Dialysis, TAP 

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