Iran Psychiatric Training Center

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Iran Psychiatric Hospital


In 1977, the Residency Training Center launched its program by residency training programs with the educational, research, and treatment aims to provide required specialists for the mental health network of the country.

This center has since been renamed to Tehran Psychiatric Institute (TPI), under management of Tehran Health District. In 1986, TPI was included in Iran University of Medical Sciences, which was introduced by the merging of three medical training centers.

By performing national and international activities and meeting the criteria, TPI was elected as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Mental Health in 1997. This accreditation has continued for four periods until now.

This institute was recognized by the Educational Deputy of the Ministry of Health as a Center of Excellency in Psychiatry and Psychology Training in 2001.

TPI was renamed to the School of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health by the Educational Deputy of the Ministry of Health and Education.

Highlights :

- Foundation of the Mehr Department with regard to psychiatrics’ standards for treating patient with medicines and non-medicine methods


Departments :

Treatment Department


Special Psychiatric Services: Check-up, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Therapy, Counseling, Drug Therapy, Nursing Care, and also includes Male, Female, Mehr Departments

Male and Mehr Departments are treatment and others are educational and clinical

Treatment Department (Emergency)

Responsible for hospitalizing acute patients, check-ups, outpatients, nursing and medical care

After 72 hours, determine patients referred to relevant departments or returned


Provides services for hospitalized patients and post-discharge check-up

Para Clinic

Shock Therapy, EEG, Radiology, Dentistry, Laboratory, Pharmacy

Occupational Therapy

Carpet Weaving,Embroidery, Flowering, Sewing, Weaving, Candle, Framing, etc.


Number of staff

Faculty Members


Expert Staff


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