Antimicrobial Resistance Research Center

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Anti- Microbial Resistance Research Center (ARRC)

The Microbial Resistance Research Center obtained approval from the Development Council of Universities on March 2, 2009 and received definite agreement on December 19, 2011 from the Ministryppropriate solutions for antibiotic therapy. The Departments of Bacterial Infections, Viral Infections, Parasitic Infections, and Infectious Immu of Public Health. The mission is to conduct basic and applied research in order to identify samples of antibiotic resistance in Iran and finding anology research exist. This center has the capability of conducting at least 10 research projects and publishing them annually in journals in order to establish research cooperation with other industries.

Research Fields :

- Common & Hospital Infectious Epidemiology

- Study ofimmunological factors according to the emergence of Microbial resistance and the appropriate vaccine.

- Using of new technologies such as nanotechnology in the production of pharmaceutical forms to reduce the incidence of bacterial resistance.

- Identification of Antibacterial and their resistance

- Establishment of Resistant strains & genes Bank in Iran

- Explore new approaches of Antibiotic Therapy

Address : 1nd building, Hazrat-e Rasool General Hospital, Niyayesh St. Satarkhan Ave. Tehran, IRAN.

Tel : +98 (21) 64352397, 64352306

Fax : +98 (21) 66554063

Web site :

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